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Making Our Lives Easier LLC is a consulting firm that provides quality resources and information to under-represented communities. 

We specialize in community affairs, public relations, and organizational business management services. 


Ms. Sharron L. Cooks, M.A, is a visionary leader and the Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Making Our Lives Easier LLC an independent business consulting firm experienced in community affairs, public relations, strategic planning, organizational management, grass-roots organizing, government relations, lobbying, and political advocacy.

Her core values are trust, integrity, transparency, and accountability. 

As a longtime media professional who has used her skills to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion through various citywide initiatives that engage journalists, public relations professionals, and community leaders;

Ms. Cooks, M.A has built a vast and diverse network of professionals across all spectrums of industry– non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, humanitarian and human rights causes.

Making Our Lives Easier LLC also advises and trains clients with proper professional media training in navigating both the digital (social media management/presence) and legacy publications (digital & print media) arenas of the region.


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MsCooks@MakingOurLivesEasier.org or at 215-770-4053

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