The Effects of Beauty: Does it Give You an Edge?

The Effects of Beauty

Being Beautiful Definitely Gives You an Edge

By Alyssa Kruse  • Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Effects of beauty are almost outrageous in today’s society. People are constantly being judged  based upon their looks and being placed into categories of “attractive” and “unattractive” or simply, “pretty” and “ugly”.  Effects of beauty are mostly on teens or around the age where people start to grasp the very wrong but well known idea, that beauty is everything. Beauty affects everything; it affects your career and your life. Every day you have the feeling of being judged by your physical appearance which makes you constantly feel insecure about yourself.

Beauty seems to get too many people too far in life. Some people think that if you have the looks then you have it all. The idea that with beauty comes confidence, intelligence, and generally just a good person is most of the time very noticeable in today’s society. We are a society that is consumed by image.  You look at many stars or successful business women and they all are very attractive people. Why is this? It is because if a very attractive person was applying for a job and an extremely unattractive person was applying for the same position, odds are the attractive person will get it. This, often times, even occurs when the unattractive person might even have more potential than the attractive person. It’s so sad that managers are placing looks over education and that it’s better to be average and attractive than brilliant and unattractive. One analysis found that unattractive workers tend to earn about 9% less money than workers who are attractive, and that those who are attractive tend to make about 5% more money than those who are unattractive. Also being overweight is considered being unattractive and weight based discrimination is a widespread practice in the workplace.
Another effect of beauty is that it determines who you are friends with and how popular or cool you are. In most cases if you are pretty than you are automatically accepted as being “cool”.  If you are not, and are classified as being unattractive then you have a much harder time fitting in or you will be friends with the less popular people. This causes many unhealthy things to occur to teens. Teens will do anything to be accepted and if it’s changing their looks then they will do so.  Some students will starve themselves to get an acceptable body or get plastic surgery to make them feel good enough. Money spent on cosmetic surgery is increasing drastically among people especially younger women. Also, nearly a half of teenage girls are using unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, and taking laxatives. 40% of newly-diagnosed cases of eating disorders are in girls 15-19 years old, but indications of this can occur as young as kindergarten. Teens are constantly comparing themselves to other people and stars they see in magazines or on billboards. These people are always being portrayed as thin, airbrushed, and perfect. People strive too hard to become like these images that society sees as being attractive.
Competition is a huge effect of beauty. People, mostly women, will find themselves in a competition with others on who has the best looks. The use of aggressive bullying between girls has increased significantly since the early 1990s, based on issues such as physical characteristics and social status. This competition will cause women to compete with younger women, who will cause them to want attain younger, and what they think are better, images of themselves by unhealthy methods. Many women believe that winning the looks competition will gain them everything else that they have ever wanted such as a perfect husband, career, or just a great life. What they don’t know is that people who spend most of their time on their appearance suffer the greatest loss in their confidence. Also, instead of being focused on yourself you are constantly focused on others which cause stress.
The effects of beauty are becoming so major on society that it is shameful. When people are succeeding farther in life and are given more opportunities than others only due to good looks, this is not fair at all. This is causing people to cover up who they really are just so that they can be accepted by other people. Although beauty affects mostly women, men are very much targeted in the same ways it is just much more discrete. People need to be aware that everyone is different and beauty should not be one image that everyone strives to become.
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