My “Blackness” What it Means to Me

Inspired by The High Priestess of Soul Ms. Nina Simone’s “That Blackness”


I used to subscribe to the societal conditioning of European standards of what Beauty is, and should be, completely neglecting the beauty of African American Beauty. Socializing agents like the media and its constant images of light fair skinned people with long blonde hair, blue eyes and super slender bodies made a tremendous impact on my perception of what beauty is and how I should look. I used to believe this untrue propaganda until I decided to do some should searching within myself.

Recently, after much research and education, I have come to realize my “blackness” and what “blackness” means to me. My “blackness is expressed  through my soul, the natural rhythm and movement of my body to an African drum beat. My”blackness” is expressed through the food my family cooked and raise me to make and eat. Those well seasoned, collard greens,  chicken fried to golden perfection with mouth watering macaroni and cheese and homemade biscuits. How to make my food with love, care and soul. Praying, eating and Sunday trips to church is what my “blackness” means to me. The gospel choir and bible hymns with the praises  of thankfulness from the congregation to the Lord up high. Being with family, their spirit and souls is what the culture of what is “blackness” means to me. It is a culture of music, jazz and gospel, family, church and education, togetherness and self advancement is what my “blackness” means to me.

It is important that all African American know their beautiful ancestry  and family lineage as much as we possiblly can. The more we educate ourselves the more we can help elevate our selves, family and entire race. The more positive images of African American Beauty , and family the more we can appreciate our own culture of “blackness,” our music, soul, history and physical being.

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