#LoveOverHate Rally in Philadelphia at Love Park







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My Press Conference Speech: ‪#‎LoveOverHate‬

By: Sharron Cooks
Making Our Lives Easier LLC

Good Afternoon Everyone and Thank You for joining Us..

It is with the support of Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community , law enforcement, legislators and the public ,,, that the victimizers of this horrendous crime were identified and caught…. It is this same community support that is needed for All members of the LGBTQ community that are victims of violence,….
All cases of violence in our community need and deserve , Equal Attention..Whether an individual has been a victim of violence due to sexual orientation , gender identity and gender expression …A Hate Crime is A Hate Crime….. Often times members of our community are victimized by hate for simply being who they are and for loving who they love….

. Hate Crime legislation should include sexual orientation as well as gender expression and gender identity …..,,.

Protection for All Members of the LGBTQ community from being victims of violent hate crimes will help Make Our Lives Easier……

By passing the hate crime law that includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and queer people,,, We as a community are making a Statement that we will not tolerate any form of hate violence toward any of our community members…. ….

This particular incident was met with swift newspaper , television and social media coverage and for that I am utterly thankful and appreciative,,,

But, let us not forget , that there have been many violent crimes fueled by hatred toward LGBTQ people in the past whose assailants were not caught or identified nor did they receive the same range of media coverage and community support….. Equality for All ,is what We as a community advocate for,,, so let’s honor our commitment to equality by including Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and Queer people by taking a Stand Against Hate Crimes by supporting this new legislation that will protect all of community members and help assist in making our streets safer and making our lives easer!!

Thank You to the State Senator, To State Representative Brian Sims and his team, Many Thanks and Much Appreciation to All of our community organizations and community leaders and activist, ,,,, it has been an Honor and Privilege to Address you all today.

Humbly and Sincerely
I Thank You!

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