Who Sponsor’s Your Fit? Collab Cliche’ by The Empress of Dress

Remember how the world embraced Halston into JCPenney? But the fashion community was in shock!


Well, decades later cross-collaborations is the new mass-marketing tool.

From Gucci/Adidas




The North Face / Gucci


Louis Vuitton / Nike



And the licensing deals go on.


No one has done it better than Jeremy Scott, with my personal favorites, the Adidas high heels.

And these endless licensing deals w/ everyone from the Care Bears to M&M to Barbie and even to Mad Balls.

Not only are the products truly collaborations like Fendi, and Versace but the marketing and branding behind this erupting trend ripples through Target, H&M, and Balenciaga with Crocs or Vibram 5 finger shoes.


The sponsor and designer collaborations are endless.

 But the question still remains, are Alexander Wang’s leather joggers from H&M really the same?


Yes, there is certainly creativity but clearly, in some designs- the production quality and value had to be lowered to meet a targeted market with a specific price point.

But is it the same experience or holds a superior ranking of a luxury product?

The 12 Best Brand Collaborations:
1. Cheetos and Forever 21
2. Lego and Stranger Things
3. McDonald’s and Burger King
4. Vans and Harry Potter
5. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cheetos
6. Sharpie and Nike
7. Doritos and Taco Bell
8. American Eagle and Lil Wayne
9. Louis Vuitton and Supreme
10. Uber and Spotify
11. ASOS and GLAAD
12. Target and Lily Pulitzer


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