Welcome to Making Our Lives Easier LLC.  Our purpose is to  help provide you with quality resources and information to Make Your Life Easier.  Whether it be on an individual one on one basis, a group of people or a community based organization, Making Our Lives Easier LLC is here to serve those that are under-represented and seeking good quality information and representation. Making Our Lives Easier LLC is also a consulting company whose purpose is to serve the community in the best possible way by utilizing a network of  community based organizations and other resources.

My name is Sharron Cooks and I am the owner and founder of Making Our Lives Easier LLC. The idea of this company came from the need to have good quality resources that are accessible and available to underrepresented people in any community particularly TS women of color. Part of the purpose for starting this company is to educate the public regarding issues facing the TS women, particularly those of color. It is important to combat the stereotypes that society has about TS women by educating the media and the public. This is one of the reasons why I decided to start Making Our Lives Easier LLC to help empower TS women especially those of color.

Here’s is a little about me: I am originally from South New Jersey, born and raised by a highly spiritual and hard working family with Christian morals and ethics. My family has shown me the importance of these values by their own hard work and faith. As I continue on my path of personal and professional  growth, in this life experience, the more  family and education are important to me. The rediscovering my family’s values and pursuit of  higher education has given me a sense of self worth and value I did not have before.   In my teenage years and well into my twenties I had many of experiences that were fun but not fulfilling. I made lots of mistakes in my life and I am still working on fixing  those mistakes by making better well informed choices. Learning from past mishaps and challenges make us wiser.  I believe everything happens for a reason. I  learned a lot from all  the mistakes I have made.  And more than ever, I appreciate having a supportive family, and friends that believed in me when I did not believe in myself. With the help of Philadelphia’s community organizations and with the help and support of community members in Philadelphia I was able to find fulfillment in helping others  which has given me both a sense of  personal and professional fulfillment and accomplishment for the first time in my life.  I appreciate now more than ever all the opportunities that are presented to me  because I believe it is the universe’s way of letting me know that I am on the right path in my life by being of service to others.

When I was a professional working model at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA and  a professional adult entertainer and film actress in the early to mid 2000’s, I had the privilege and opportunity to travel to many places and  experience many diverse cultures and people from various different backgrounds. I have also lived in a few different states and have been to a couple countries outside the USA but Philadelphia, PA has been my home for quite some time now.

I first moved to Philadelphia at eighteen years old and that is when I began my transition into womanhood. From that point on,  my lessons in real life experiences had begun. Many  of those life lessons have bought me to where I am now in my life.

In 2008 I got my G.E.D and enrolled in to Peirce Business College  in 2009 for about a year or so. Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Human Resources was my major. I then became interested in psychology because of a psychologist named Abraham Maslow in one of my business management courses which sparked my interest in human behavior so I then decided to transferred to  The Community College of Philadelphia which is where I am currently a  honors student who is a Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in Psychology and Philosophy. In November 2013 I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa’s International Honor Society. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with honors from Arcadia University.

If someone would have told me six years ago, that I would graduate from college and achieve such honorable academic success, I probably would have laughed. Sometimes I still cannot  believe how much my life, values and perspective on life has changed since becoming  a college graduate, activist and of service to my community in positive and impactful ways. This is evidence to me that anything is possible with effort and dedication,  anyone can find their path to self improvement and  change. If I can become empowered though education, faith, and community support and give back to society in a meaningful way, You Can Too because Making Our Lives Easier LLC is here to help and serve you.

Over the last five years, I have been involved with many community based organizations, community service, grassroots and political projects  that have given me the support, experience and knowledge to be able to obtain the practical skills and professional experience one needs for a successful career in the world today.

Some of my community service  and volunteer work include:

*** At Large Pennsylvania Delegate for the Democratic Nomination Convention

***Liberty City Democratics Club

Endorsement Committee Member

*** Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society

***Sigma Alpha Pi

Leadership and Success Society

***The William Way LGBT Community Center

Front Desk Person

TransWay Support Group Facilitator

Peer Counseling Experience

*** The Attic Youth Center

Trans Support Group Co- Facilitator – Summer 2012

***Trans-Health Conference Planning Committee Member 2012-2013

Sex Work Liaison

Sex Worker Workshop “ The Transsexual View”

***Hearts on a Wire

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