“The Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in Activism, Advocacy and Politics” by Sharron Cooks

imageThere are many moral and ethical dilemmas in activism, advocacy and politics. One of the most recent moral and ethical dilemmas in activism, advocacy and politics is public accommodations. What I am referencing here is, “The Equality Act.”

Which is a piece of legislation that will include non discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, employment and “public accommodations.” Now thus far according to sources, the pattern of other states that have passed non discrimination legislation in housing and employment protections to include gender identity and sexual orientation, have successfully passed those two into law while public accommodations in some areas were passed after housing and employment protections were passed and in some cases the “public accommodations” piece is still waiting to be passed into law. Public accommodations is particularly of importance for many members of the transgender community.

Several prominent LGBTQA organizations and leaders are divided on whether too include “public accommodations” protections with housing and employment protections or to  go along with housing and employment  protections because of the high probably of getting two of the three passed into law.

Buzzfeed’s article, “Top LGBTQ Leaders Divided on Compromise,” by Dominic Holden, sums up this matter quite well. Here

The National Center for Trangender Equality position is Here.

The Trans United Fund also has released a statement Here

Now it is also important to note that the Equality Act that will prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity ranges from state to state and is also being pushed federally. The three pieces to this legislation are housing, employment and public accommodations protections for members of the LGBTQ communities.


In Pennsylvania, Equality Pennsylvania had this too say Here and the American Civil Liberties. Union (ACLU) PA has this to say Here

So my question for everyone is, “what is the moral and ethical approach too ensuring that our political process will protect all of the members of our community?”

Sharron Cooks, Philosopher

Making Our Lives Easier LLC

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