Thoughts On an LGBT Organization Endorsing a Cis- Hetero Muslim

After hearing that the Liberty City Democrats Club (LCDC) chose to endorse a devoted Quran holding Muslim as a candidate over a candidate that has an openly gay son, has caused me to question; 1. how is the LCDC Endorsement Committee evaluating the candidates for the 190th legislative district? Are people on these LCDC committees really invested in areas of Philadelphia that don’t have chic doggie parks, two scoops of frozen yogurt for 15 dollars, side walk cafes for Sunday brunch, a happening nightlife  or doggy clothing stores? Is it a little to far away from the comfort of the gentrified areas of Center City, West, South and/ or North Philadelphia?

I have met many openly gay Muslims so I know that there are gay Muslims. My inquiry, I suppose is, is it possible for a straight identified person who believes that their religion is law, able to accept and cease the persecution of LGBTQ people in America and in heavily concentrated Muslim areas of the world?

I have chosen as a independent to explore the LGBT Liberty City Democrats Club’s decision to by-pass a candidate that is personally invested in the LGBT community verses a candidate whose religious beliefs are viewed as law and shall I say….. hates LGBTQ people.

On March 31, 2016 Trans Day of Visibility, I was invited to the home of Ms. Wanda Logan which is in the 190th district in West Philadelphia where she is a native. I sat with Ms. Wanda Logan in her living room surrounded by beautifully hand crafted African sculptures and exquisite African- American pantings. Also present was her campaign manager Bernard Williams. Who sat in a iron rocking chair filled with fluffy satin pillows with detailed embroidery on each one of  them.

The purpose of this sit down with Wanda Logan on her antique light cream colored sofa, was to get a sense how she is feeling about LCDC endorsing an opponent with such strict religious views particularly in regards to the LGBTQ Community.

After a very warm welcome, we sat, and began to discuss a  wide range of topics from her two beautiful and self expressive children, Bryant and Montana too why she felt the need to run for the State Legislative seat in the 190th district.

MOLE: So Ms. Logan, why are you running for State Rep of the 190th?

Logan: To help make my district safer for everyone. Especially seniors and young people. A young person just got killed in this very area of the neighborhood just days ago. My team and I are organizing an anti violence rally on April 16th st. 11:00am here in West Philadelphia.

MOLE: Street violence is an intense reality for so many Philadelphians.  What do you hope this anti violence rally on Saturday, April 16th at 11am will accomplish?

Logan: The solution to violence in West Philadelphia is long range but obtainable. The goal is to bring economic development to our neighborhoods through both small businesses and through some cooperate partnerships that will enrich the community that currently resides here and in that way create jobs, elevate property values without displacing it’s current residents. And when people have jobs that will reduce violent crimes.

MOLE: Now in reagards to the LGBT community, you have in fact worked with Colours and Galeai in that past as well as dealing with your own son being a black gay male in America. I bet that has had it’s challenges?

Logan: (she smiles followed by a huge laugh) See, I was painting a room in my home and my son comes to me and says, ” I think I’m in love, with a guy.” Well you can love him but not like a woman loves a man (she said).  And that’s how my son came out to me. I must admit, in the beginning, it was difficult and very challenging but I love my son, both my children. And it was the love for my child, that changed how I saw the world. And it is my hope that I can help contribute to helping other parents of LGBTQ people and LGBTQ people with the real everyday challenges.


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