Sharron Cooks

Owner & CEO, Making Our Lives Easier LLC

Sharron Cooks is the Owner & CEO of Making Our Lives Easier LLC, a consulting company aimed at assisting people who have been marginalized and face daily discrimination for who they are. She offers support for these individuals by providing quality resources, information and connecting them with organizations that can best address their needs.

In addition to working on her masters degree at Temple University, she also works to develop and organize community oriented events, political advising and consulting during any given election season, and advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. Much of her typical work day is spent connecting to and working with businesses and organizations to identify the best ethical strategies and practices regarding diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Sharron’s favorite part of her job is working with people and organizations to help create and/or expand their knowledge base of marginalized demographics. She consistently aims to create safe, supportive spaces for those who face discrimination, in addition to bringing awareness and solutions to issues related to the Black community and challenging systems of oppression.

In her free time, Sharron reflects on how she can better be of service to others, and how she can improve her skill sets to be more effective in her work. She spends her free time recharging and thinking of ways to be a better person than she was the day before.



The African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ and DE (AACC) was formed in 1993 in response to the legal challenge by the contractor’s associations that African-Americans experienced discrimination in city contracting. Later, in 2004, the African-American Foundation was formed as a non-profit entity of the Chamber for the purpose of promoting the sound economic well being and empowerment of African-American owned businesses, the African-American business community, the AACC and the economic status of the African-American community through educational and other charitable means.

The AACC is the leading advocate for minority owned business in the Delaware Valley and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to enhance the growth and effectiveness of African-American owned businesses in the Delaware Valley, and thereby, to improve the economic conditions within the regional African-American community. It’s primary goal is to further the interests of businesses by responding to the needs of the business community and serving as an advocate for the purpose of increasing economic opportunities for the African-American community.

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